Engaging Supercomputer Users to Optimize Workloads and Reduce Waste

In this blog post, we want to bring attention to the central role of supercomputer users in the mitigation of computational waste. In a nutshell, users are not aware of wasteful behaviors. Therefore, after a brief recall of what running a supercomputer means, we will introduce new metrics for measuring computational waste, then we will describe the two main waste sources: understayers jobs and overstayer jobs. Finally we will show how we can engage users in this quest for better and cleaner workloads.

HPC for industry: driving innovation in Aeronautics

The aerospace industry can greatly benefit from using HPC and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Those technologies and significant computational power are crucial in the aerospace industry for several purposes. HPC enables complex simulations and modeling of aerodynamics, structural mechanics, and fluid dynamics. It allows aerospace engineers to perform detailed analyses of aircraft performance, including airflow patterns, stress distribution, and fuel efficiency. AI can enhance these simulations by enabling optimization algorithms and machine learning techniques to improve designs and performance.