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From 08:00 until 17:00

Call EuroHPC-2020-01-a

Specific Challenge:

To demonstrate in pre-operational environments the successful integration of European technology building blocks developed for example in the European Processor Initiative (EPI) and in previously funded EU R&I actions into fully integrated pilot supercomputing systems commensurate with exascale performance objectives along with other European IP such as software tools and application libraries, interconnects, rack design, cooling systems, advanced fabric management, etc... The goal of these pilot supercomputing systems will be to produce a prototype system which can be used in a pre-operational environment, able to execute jobs and run software components designed as part of the pilot programme. Two such pilot supercomputing systems will be supported whose work will be closely inter-coordinated. They will have to demonstrate how the challenges of power efficiency, usability, resiliency and scalability can be met, by considering in particular a strong co-design approach driven by ambitious application requirements. The involved stakeholders should include technology component suppliers, system integrators, supercomputing infrastructure providers and user communities.


Proposals are expected to address the European research, technology building blocks integration, system co-design, validation and experimentation of advanced supercomputing pilot systems aiming at exascale performance, driven by a set of ambitious extreme data and HPC application and power-efficiency requirements. The approaches should ensure that they contribute to the realisation of future exascale system architectures based on European low-power processing technologies, such as those developed for example in the EPI initiative. Each proposal should aim at realising one supercomputing pilot system. Pilot systems should maximise the integration of European hardware and software technologies, and foster, to the extent possible, the development of solutions based on European open hardware and open-source software.

Two complementary pilot supercomputing systems are expected to be supported, based on the European Processor Initiative (EPI) and/or other previously funded EU R&I actions:

  • One leveraging the efforts on European low power general-purpose processing technologies
  • A complementary one leveraging the efforts on European open hardware solutions (e.g. an agnostic HPC system able to embed, cool and manage existing components and future ones, such as accelerator technologies based on RISC-V or other components that can simulate the behaviour of future European components)