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The DIH4CPS-consortium has now launched their first Open Call for proposals

DIH4CPS invites mini consortia to receive financial support (up to 180 000 € for 10 months Application Experiments) for experiments related to the field of Cyber physical and embedded systems (CPES). Each experiment´s consortium must consist of at least one DIH currently enrolled in the EC DIH Catalogue (or plan to be enrolled).

Experiments in sectors where Cyber Physical and Embedded systems are underdeveloped are of special interest.

The scope of the first Open Call is to attract Application Experiments that apply CPES providing a demonstrable positive economic impact on SMEs in their geographical region or industrial sector. This includes replicable experiments that would, for example, lower production costs, influence product development or increase revenues or improve management procedures in similar SMEs. A successful application should deliver a roadmap that convincingly demonstrates the Application Experiment´s contribution to the economic recovery of SMEs from the COVID-19 crisis.

The types of activities that qualify for receiving financial support are experiments focused at enhancing capabilities of European Start-ups, SMEs and Mid-Caps to launch innovative products or services with advanced digital technologies in the field of CPES. The following technological topics will be of interest (but not limited) to the open call:

  • Digital twins The concept refers to a replica of physical assets, processes, devices or systems allowing for real time optimization. Examples of applications of this technology can be found within various sectors, such as healthcare or manufacturing.

  • Augmented reality This topic refers to the technology behind the interactive experience of real-world environment enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. Common sectors for this technology include healthcare, entertainment, tourism and architecture.

  • Artificial Intelligence Human decision making and control over physical systems could in various applications be replaced with mechanisms related to artificial intelligence. Customized artificial intelligence developments are also used for Big Data Analytics. Algorithms based on artificial intelligence have a broad spectrum of applicability, including proactive maintenance, logistics and agriculture.

  • Dashboard controls Some industrial control systems and medical monitoring systems require surveillance and inputs from human operators. Providing the human operator with valid graphic information is key to the successful control over physical systems and processes.