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Call for Proposals for pilots and digital platform in the field of Zero Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) by SMEs and MidCaps

The objective of this Open Call is to validate the standardized QU4LITY concepts & platforms through new ZDM pilots. Moreover, the Open Call also aims to enhance the existing QUALITY platform and pilots by adding new value-adding functions. This Open Call will expand the QU4LITY ecosystem, increasing the engagement of SMEs and MidCaps across Europe within the field of Zero-Defect Manufacturing and Autonomous Quality.

This Open Call targets mainly the following activities to be carried out by SMEs and MidCaps:

  • Type A: ZDM pilots for SME/MidCap-manufacturers deploying the QU4LITY-paradigm within Autonomous Quality. These new pilots will consist of solutions provided to manufacturers, complementing the large-scale pilots within the QU4LITY-ecosystem.

Allocated Budget: €290.000 for the funding of 4 proposals (max budget: 72.500 € for proposal). Each proposal must be submitted by a single applicant, consortia are not allowed.

  • Type B: The objective of the TYPE B call is to expand the scope of existing digital platforms and pilots with new functionalities and features and address one challenge posed by Qu4lity pilots. The SMEs selected for funding will be given the opportunity to validate their solutions in the project’s experimental infrastructures and testbeds. The specific challenge is described in section 2.3.5 of the Guide for Applicants document (uploaded on the submission platform).

Allocated Budget:€ 75,000 for the funding of 1 proposal (max budget: 75.000 € for proposal). Each proposal must be submitted by a single applicant, consortia are not allowed.