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From 09:00 until 15:30

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This two day course is targeted at researchers with basic knowledge in numerical simulation, who would like to learn how to visualize their simulation results on the desktop but also in Augmented Reality and Virtual Environments. It will start with a short overview of scientific visualization, following a hands-on introduction to 3D desktop visualization with COVISE. On the second day, we will discuss how to build interactive 3D Models for Virtual Environments and how to set up an Augmented Reality visualization. This course provides scientific training in Computational Science, and in addition, the scientific exchange of the participants among themselves.

Vistle is an extensible software environment that integrates simulations on supercomputers, post-processing and parallel interactive visualization in immersive virtual environments. Modules are realized as MPI processes on a cluster. Within a node, different modules communicate via shared memory. TCP is used for communication between clusters. Vistle is under active development at HLRS since 2012 within the European project CRESTA and bwVisu. Within EXCELLERAT in-situ capabilities depending on commonly used in-situ interfaces are being developed for Vistle.