The EXCELLERAT project is a single point of access for expertise on how data management, data analytics, visualisation, simulation-driven design and Co-design with high-performance computing (HPC) can benefit engineering, especially in the aeronautics, automotive, energy and manufacturing sectors.

What is the goal?

EXCELLERAT aims to tackle the ever-rising complexity of scientific and development endeavours. Thus, Exascale computing is our focus, which will solve highly complex and costly engineering problems, and create enhanced technological solutions even at the development stage. The goal of EXCELLERAT is to enable the European engineering industry to advance towards Exascale technologies and to create a single entry point to services and knowledge for all stakeholders (industrial end users, ISVs, Technology providers, HPC providers, academics, code developers, Engineering experts) of HPC for engineering. In order to achieve this goal, EXCELLERAT brings together key players from industry, research and HPC to provide all necessary services.


What benefits can I expect for my company and my product?

HPC can enhance the design process of your product, for example by simulating your products’ characteristics and behaviour, thus avoiding time-consuming feedback loops and improvement phases. The answers to design and manufacturing questions are often well hidden in a company’s complex data.

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High-performance data analytics can guide you through the data points and provide you with the answers you need to improve your product or production cycle, leading to shortened production times and quicker readiness for market. Advanced modelling and data analytics can effectively cut the cost of your business workflow.

But how can I make use of HPC technologies without being an HPC expert myself?

EXCELLERAT’s Service Portal offers a range of services such as training and individual consultations that will help you incorporate HPC into your research or product development.  You will be provided with the exact type of support you will most benefit from, based on your own current needs.

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