The High Performance Computing Centre (HLRS) is a research and service institution affiliated to the University of Stuttgart (USTUTT). Founded in 1829, the foremost aim of the University of Stuttgart in research and teaching lies in the fields of engineering and the natural sciences. The university with its 140 institutes distributed over 10 faculties, 5,000 employees, and about 16,000 students has a strong impact in Baden-Württemberg, Germany’s traditional high-tech region. HLRS is a research and service institution affiliated to the Information Centre of the University of Stuttgart. It is one of the three national supercomputing centres in Germany and one of the three members of the GAUSS Centre for Supercomputing, offering services to users from academia and industry. The world leading experience of HLRS in supporting users from the engineering domain at large in parallel programming (for example inside the Teraflop Workbench), in the development of productivity tools for parallel programming including integrated development environments, in the expertise in applying software engineering methods to the HPC domain and in cloud computing projects.

HLRS has been the first national supercomputing centre in Germany and is offering services to academic users and industry. Furthermore it has, together with the Steinbuch Computing Centre Karlsruhe funded two solution centres (Energy and Automotive) to support activities of stakeholders in this domain. With the co- founded SICOS GmbH, HLRS is in constant contact with SMEs willing to use HPC to improve their business.

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