ETP4HPC (European Technology Platform, Ongoing Activity)

The European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing (ETP4HPC) is an industry-led forum. It provides a framework for stakeholders to define European HPC technology research priorities and action plans in order to achieve EU growth, competitiveness and sustainability through major research and technological advances in the medium to long term. ETP recently published its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), a document outlining a roadmap for the implementation of a research program for the development of European HPC technologies.

This SRA delineates a roadmap for the achievement of European exascale capabilities focusing on the following areas: HPC System Architecture and Components, Energy and Resiliency, Programming Environment, System Software and Management, Big Data and HPC Usage Models, Balance Compute, I/O and Storage Performance, Mathematics and algorithms for extreme scale HPC systems and Extreme-Scale Demonstrators.

The approach followed to structure the SRA has been to combine ETP4HPC members technical and market knowledge (internal) with that of external experts and sources alike.

  • Analyses completed by other initiatives (including EESI and PlanetHPC)
  • Input obtained from PRACE
  • Input obtained during workshops and interviews involving industrial HPC end-users
  • Input from ISVs obtained through a workshop, a survey and interviews

This SRA Update will serve as a reference text for FETHPC 16-17 recently published calls and also suggests future paths for EsDs, CoEs, ISVs, end-users etc. for calls in 18-19, when the implementation of Extreme-Scale Demonstrators should take place.

Whilst this report points heavily towards the H2020 HPC program for its delivery, the primary objective is to develop Europe’s HPC ecosystem and maximise its exploitation.


Figure ”“ The four dimensions of the SRA

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The implementation of this European HPC strategy in Horizon 2020 combines three elements: (a) developing the next generation of HPC towards exascale; (b) providing access to the best supercomputing facilities and services; (c) achieving excellence in HPC applications. A set of calls in the Area of Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Proactive was recently closed, of which results are not yet available.

NCMS Digital Manufacturing Initiative US Initiative, Ongoing Activity

NCMS (National Center for Manufacturing Sciences) is a driving force in several US high-tech initiatives, one of them being “Digital Manufacturing and High Performance Computing”.

Website: http://www.ncms.org

National Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Consortium (NDEMC) , US Initiative, Ongoing Activity

NDEMC is a public-private partnership to support and enhance the use of modelling and simulation among America’s small and medium manufacturers. The consortium is a resource of expertise, hardware and software in support of improving manufacturing productivity through modelling and simulation to assisting participating SMEs with education, training, and implementation.

Website: http://www.ndemc.org