Developer BSC
Application Area Multiphysics, Aerospace, Automotive, Marine
Linked Companies Idiada, EM Combustion, iVascular, IHT, Seat, Repsol, Iberdrola, Medtronic, Siemens AG
General Electric


Developer CERFACS
Application Area Aerospace, Automotive, Combustion, Compressible Two-Phases Flows
Linked Companies SAFRAN Group, TOTAL, CNES, Ariane Groupe


FEniCS is a high-level problem solving environment for automated solution of partial differential equations (PDEs) by the finite element method. To manage the complexity of multiphysics problems FEniCS takes the weak form of a PDE as input in a near mathematical notation and automatically generates low-level source code, abstracting away implementation details and HPC concepts from domain scientists.

Developer CINECA
Application Area Multiphysics, Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Renewables
Linked Companies Augusta Westland


Flucs is a CFD solver for Aircraft design. It features innovative algorithms as well as advanced software technologies concepts dedicated to HPC. DLR started the implementation from scratch in 2013 considering requirements for Exascale like multi-level-parallelization and asynchrony execution among others already in the initial design phase. Since 2018 the Flucs software is the basis of a strong partnership between Airbus, ONERA and DLR focusing on the development of a common next generation CFD code for aircraft flow predictions. In January 2019 the consortium agreed on the name CODA for the common CFD code.

Developer DLR
Application Area Aerospace
Linked Companies Airbus


Developer Imperial College London
Application Area Green energy, Environmental modelling
Linked Companies Flo-wave, Rio Tinto, Alstom Group, Meygen Ltd, Renewable Energy Systems Ltd, HR
Wallingford Ltd


Nek5000 is an open-source flow solver based on the spectral element method. The code solves the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations, together with a number of additional physics (heat transfer, magneto-hydrodynamics, low Mach number, electrostatics), on general hexahedral spectral elements.

Developer KTH
Application Area Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Renewables
Linked Companies Scania, Tetra Pak, Agusta Westland