Event Information:

  • Fri

    PASC 2019 - Minisymposium on Extreme CFD for Engineering Applications

    13:30 - 15:30Zurich, Switzerland

    Computational fluid dynamics is one of the main drivers of exascale computing, both due to its high relevance in today's world (from nano fluidics up to planetary flows), but also due to the inherent multiscale properties of turbulence. The numerical treatment is notoriously difficult due to the disparate scales in turbulence, the global Poisson solve for incompressible and weakly compressible flows, and the need for correctly resolving local features, as flow separation and shocks in compressible flows. The recent trend in numerical methods goes towards high-fidelity methods (for instance continuous and discontinuous Galerkin) which are suitable for modern computers; however, relevant issues such as scaling, accelerators and heterogeneous systems, high-order meshing and error control, are still far from solved when it comes to largest scale simulations, e.g. in automotive and aeronautical applications. In this minisymposium, we will gather experts from various institutions to discuss current and future issues of extreme scale CFD in engineering applications, with special focus on accurate CFD method. In particular, we will introduce the recently started European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications "Excellerat", with talks focusing on aeronautics, acoustics, automotive applications, and postprocessing suitable for large-scale simulation data.


    13:30 - 14:00 Towards Extreme-Scale Engineering Simulations on the K Computer
    14:00 - 14:30 Prediction of Turbulent Flows and Acoustic Fields on HPC Systems
    14:30 - 15:00 Parallel Data Visualization for Nek5000 in ParaView
    15:00 - 15:30 OpenACC and Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Nek5000

    Session Chairs

    Philipp Schlatter - KTH Royal Institute of Technology
    Ramesh Balakrishnan- Argonne National Laboratory
    Niclas Jansson- KTH Royal Institute of Technology, RIKEN