Teratec is a European industrial initiative federating industrial users, technology providers and research centres to harness HPC technologies and enlarge their usage. Teratec objective is to actively promote modeling and simulation in all industrial sectors in order to increase European economic competitiveness and innovation capacity.

Promoting HPC technologies across industrie:

Teratec helps companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses, gain access to the high-performance computing technologies they need to develop new products and services. A major initiative is underway for widely accessible Cloud simulation services. Teratec Forum is the annual leading industrial HPC event in Europe, a meeting with international experts who discuss the technological and economic issues around high performance computing and numerical simulation.

Support for SMEs:

Teratec supports technological SME and startup companies in their actions to value their expertise and their offers. It also facilitates their access to industry leading end-users and helps them set up and finance their R&D projects. Teratec and the Essonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry provide them offices and support services on the Teratec Campus, an area dedicated to simulation and HPC.

Industrial research:

Teratec helps set up and promote French and European research projects mixing industrial companies, technology suppliers, and major research centers via R&D programs in France (competitiveness clusters including Systematic Paris-Région, and the French National Research Agency) and Europe (H2020).

Information and Contact:



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