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1. Welcome
2. Success story: Enabling Nek5000 on GPU systems
3. Blog article: How can SMEs benefit from using High Performance Computing (HPC) Cloud?
4. Further news & events

1. Welcome

Winter is coming and so is the next all-hands meeting of EXCELLERAT. The project team is working hard on finalising and releasing further success stories from its achievements, planning for the Centre's sustainability, and preparing a potential second project phase.

This issue of our newsletter includes a new success story by our partner KTH, focussing on our core code Nek5000, and a blog article on the benefit of HPC for SMEs, written by our partner Sicos. You can also get access to a new project video, our service flyers, and learn more about two collaborations.

I hope you enjoy reading our newsletter with a nice cup of tea!

Bastian Koller
EXCELLERAT Project Coordinator

2. Success story: Enabling Nek5000 on GPU systems

Collaboration between EXCELLERAT and SeRC is concentrated on improving the performance of the Nek5000 programme and getting Nek5000 ready to run on future hardware. There is a common interest in developing this CFD solver as it is the reference code for both EXCELLERAT and SESSI, which is one of the SeRC’s research communities. This scientific code allows one to perform high-fidelity simulations of relatively complex and industrially relevant flows. It also shows very good parallel scaling properties making it a good candidate for Exascale computing. Learn more about this collaboration in the success story by KTH.

3. Blog article: How can SMEs benefit from using High Performance Computing (HPC) Cloud?

Growth in Europe is unthinkable without its 23 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They represent 99.8 percent of all European companies and form the foundation for innovation, competition, and jobs. SMEs provide two thirds of private sector jobs (almost 90 million) and contribute to more than half of the total added value created by businesses in the EU. Nine out of ten SMEs are actually micro enterprises with fewer than 10 employees and account for nearly 30% of the total employment in this sector.[1]

It is important to support these SMEs to develop their businesses in a sustainable way through innovation, process optimisation, and increased competitiveness. The software and data processing capacity of HPC is a part of the digital transformation and a vital support of this process. Learn how different types of staff and departments from SMEs can benefit from using HPC in a recent blog article by our partner Sicos.

[1] https://www.interregeurope.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/plp_uploads/policy_briefs/TO3_policy_brief_2__SME_policy_final_V23_01_2017_Siriuss_LS_clean.pdf

4. Further news & events

New EXCELLERAT video released
Want to learn more about EXCELLERAT, our purpose and our use cases? Check out our new project video, produced by our partner BSC, on YouTube.

E-flyers on EXCELLERAT services available
If you want to learn more about what EXCELLERAT offers for the aerospace sector, or which solution we have for simulation, data analytics and management, co-design, and visualisation, please check out our dedicated e-flyers, available for download on our website.

A POP proof-of-concept achieves 2x speedup of EXCELLERAT use case
EXCELLERAT and POP CoE collaborated on EXCELLERAT's use case solved with the core code Alya that simulates a Bunsen flame. This collaboration achieved a two times speedup. Learn more in a blog article by POP CoE.

Running AVBP Industrial code on Arm Neoverse N1
An Arm Community blog article discusses performance results of our core code AVBP for two realistic benchmarks. The descriptions focus on the Arm Neoverse N1 design and details the performance numbers from a price performance perspective, but the authors also report on the time-to-solution metric. Read the full blog article.

Focus CoE newsletter
To find out more about EXCELLERAT and the other European Centres of Excellence for HPC applications, read the latest issue of Focus CoE's newsletter. For regular updates, you can subscribe to the mailing list.

Event calendar
Are you looking for further opportunities to see EXCELLERAT in action or to meet our colleagues? Explore our event calendar to see which trade fairs, (research) conferences, and other events we will attend.
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The EXCELLERAT project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 823691.

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