EXCELLERAT 2 proudly joined the Joint Workshop - exaFOAM, exasim, EuroHPC and CASTIEL2

Two days of talks, discussions, and exchanges about the ExaFOAM, Exasim, and other projects pushing OpenFOAM forward have come to an end. The hybrid event, taking place at HLRS in Stuttgart and online on the 4th and 5th September, brought together the creators and users of the open source code. From linear solvers for OpenFOAM to I/O optimisations in different domains, different projects contributed their experiences and work with the open source code. EXCELLERAT 2 joined the workshop alongside the other CoEs Hidalgo2 and CoEC.

EXCELLERAT 2 was represented by Dennis Grieger from HLRS, who provided insights into in situ visualisation. This approach solves the I/O – bottleneck of larger scale simulations through analysing simulation data directly in memory. The talk covered several in situ interfaces consisting of data description models and analysis algorithms and closed with a comparison between in situ and in transit data analysis.

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