Success Stories

Scientific Achievement

Enabling sustainable GPU acceleration on a Fortran legacy code

Keywords: CFD, combustion simulation, parallel performance, GPU computing, OpenACC

Industry sectors: Aerospace, Automotive

Key codes used: AVBP


A POP proof-of-concept allows a Bunsen flame use case from EXCELLERAT to run two times faster

Keywords: Performance optimisatio, Assesment ,PoC, MPI, DLB, load imbalance

Industry sectors: Engineering

Key codes used: Alya


Improving the HiDALGO CoE’s Urban Air Pollution Pilot

Keywords: Simulation optimisation, parallelisation, mesh quality

Industry sectors: Global challenges, environmental applications

Key codes used: Urban Air Pollution Pilot


Enabling Nek5000 on GPU systems

Keywords: GPU, NVIDIA, AMD, OpenACC, OpenMP, SEM, Nek5000

Industry sectors: Automotive, Aerospace

Key codes used: Nek5000

Scientific Achievement

Accelerating engineering codes using reconfigurable architectures

Keywords: FPGA testbed, memory-bound code, dataflow

Industry sectors: code development

Key codes used: Nekbone, Nek5000, Alya


Enabling High Performance Computing for Industry through a Data Exchange & Workflow Portal

Keywords: Data Transfer, Data Management, Data Reduction, Automatisation, Simplification, Dynamic Load Balancing, Dynamic Mode Decomposition, Data Analytics, combustor design

Industry sectors: Aeronautics

Key codes used: Alya

Scientific Achievement

Bringing industrial end-users to Exascale computing: An industrial level combustion design tool on 128K cores

Keywords: Exascale
Industry sectors:  Aerospace
Key codes used

Strong scaling for turbulent channel (tri) and rocket engine simulations (circle). Performance (symbols) versus ideal (line) acceleration.
Scientific Achievement

Mesh optimising by using an a posteriori adjoint based error estimation

Keywords: Mathematical model: Adjoint based morphing Mesh optimising
Industry sectors: Automotive, Aerospace
Key codes used: FEniCS HPC, Unicorn HPC, Tetgen

Scientific Achievement

Enabling parallel mesh adaptation with Treeadapt

Keywords: CFD, Mesh adaptation, Parallel performance, Load balancing
Industry sectors: Aeronautics, High Performance Computing
Key codes used: AVBP, Treepart, Treeadapt 

Scientific Achievement

Full Airplane Simulations on Heterogeneous Architectures

Keywords: Dynamic Load Balancing/DLB, parallel performance, airplane simulations, GPU computing, Co-execution, heterogeneous computing
Industry sectors: Aeronautics
Key codes used: Alya