EXCELLERAT goes digital: 36th International CAE Conference and Exhibition

In partnership with FocusCoE and MaX, EXCELLERAT took part in the CAE2020 International Conference and Exhibition digital event. EXCELLERAT and MaX shared a virtual booth “HPC-COES: MAX & EXCELLERAT” in the Exhibition area. On this booth, visitors could read the prepared flyers, videos, websites, and EXCELLERAT’s social media channels. This digital booth also allowed visitors to interact in a one-to-one video/chat, and to share their contact details or request a meeting.

In addition to this digital booth, EXCELLERAT also had a talk in a collateral event: High Performance Computing, a key enabler for digital transformation. Amgad Dessoky (HLRS) presented: EXCELLERAT: paving the way for the evolution towards Exascale

General feedback regarding this first digital event targeting Engineering communities:

Regarding the audience, there were in total 779 participants, 61 visitors came to see the booth and there were two serious interactions which could lead to a future collaboration or similar connection.

There were several technical issues during the week as the platform for the Exhibition area was available only from Monday 30/11/2020 and no tests were possible beforehand. Status information about the “online/offline/busy” exhibitor video/chat was problematic during the first part of the event. However, after solving these issues with the organiser, everything ran smoothly and EXCELLERAT interacted with visitors.

Globally, this first digital event was a beneficial and very instructive experience for several reasons:


  • EXCELLERAT has now the experience of a digital industrial event and of managing a virtual booth
  • EXCELLERAT has now the experience of an event for Engineering communities (and we have noticed some original aspects of this kind of event: for instance, they do not have refreshment/social breaks for networking!)
  • EXCELLERAT services were also presented at a talk during a collateral event, which was recorded and made available after the event
  • EXCELLERAT now has specific communication elements ready for future industrial events and for future marketing interactions with future potential users and customers
  • The EXCELLERAT team got to know the MaX team and will interact or collaborate with MaX on future events!

—Marie-Françoise Gérard, Teratec