EXCELLERAT’s First Joint Technical Workshop with ChEESE and HiDALGO Centres of Excellence

In collaboration with ChEESE and HiDALGO, EXCELLERAT has completed its first joint technical workshop. ChEESE is active in the domain of Solid Earth, targeting the preparation of 10 Community flagship European codes for the upcoming pre-Exascale and Exascale supercomputers. HiDALGO is developing novel methods, algorithms and software to accurately model and simulate the complex processes that arise in connection with major global challenges.

The event included a session on each of these topics: Load Balancing, In situ & remote visualisation, Co-design, and GPU Porting. Partners and guests from BSC, CINECA, HLRS, EPCC, CERFACS, KTH, ICCS, ATOS, PLUS, TUM, and UMA presented and discussed their results and ongoing works.

There were 21 participants at the Load Balancing session, 16 participants for In situ & remote visualisation, 23 participants for Co-design, and 20 for GPU Porting. This allowed participants to interact as much as needed with the speakers. The presentations are available online.

This first technical workshop was an opportunity for the three organising Centres of Excellence (CoEs) to explore potential synergies and the status of some collaborations, and to share ideas and questions. The event highlighted the importance for the different CoEs to interact with each other and to identify potential common research aspects and to see how other CoEs deal with the same issues. Future events are being considered for those topics which would benefit from further interaction and discussion.

Some screenshots from these sessions: