Importance of Data Transfer in the Use of High Performance Computing

One part of EXCELLERAT’s vision is to provide the engineering community with easy access to relevant services and knowledge around high performance computing. The keyword here is ‘Access’.

The idea that HPC centers can offer data calculation and simulation as a service, and thus expand the use of HPC in the industry, is based on transferring data online to HPC centers and back – simple, secure, traceable and reproducible. The company SSC-Services  GmbH* (Germany) is the industrial partner in the EXCELLERAT project to cover the topics data management and transfer. As an expert in data exchange, SSC is already experiencing the increase in data volume in its day-to-day business.  Data transfer is one of the core disciplines for collaboration and connection of working environments

Faced with an enormous increase in the need for data exchange, especially towards the exascale, it is advisable to find new ways to ensure data availability where it is needed.

Data exchange between data producer (SMEs) and data processor (HPC centers) must be highly automated with the aim of avoiding duplication of transmission content. Not only the data files themselves must be considered, but also their contents. This approach should lead to a data reduction that saves time and costs.

SSCs mission is to make data exchange a matter of course and not an obstacle for all parties involved. By using EXCELLERAT’s knowledge pool, developers in academia and industry can focus on their innovation and will be able to avoid overlapping investments.

—Janik Schüssler, SSC

* SSC-Services GmbH is a software development company and IT service provider with many years of experience in the field of data exchange. SSC has been expanding its focus by the topics of collaboration between companies and their partners as well as collaboration inside companies — in short words: SSC connects working environments.