Reference Codes

Emission prediction of internal combustion (IC) and gas turbine (GT) engines. Active flow control of aircraft aerodynamics including synthetic jet actuators. Coupled simulation of fluid and structure mechanics for fatigue and fracture.

Developer: BSC   |  Application Area: Multiphysics, Aerospace, Automotive, Marine   |  Linked Companies: Idiada, EM Combustion, iVascular, IHT, Seat, Repsol, Iberdrola, Medtronic, Siemens AG, General Electric

Combustion instabilities and emission prediction. Explosion in confined spaces.

Developer: CERFACS  |  Application Area: Aerospace, Automotive, Combustion, Compressible Two-Phases Flows  |  Linked Companies: SAFRAN Group, TOTAL, CNES, Ariane Groupe

Design process and simulation of full equipped aeroplanes. CFD coupling with computational structural mechanics including elastic  effects.

Developers: ONERA/DLR/Airbus  |  Application Area: Aerospace  |  Linked Companies: Airbus

Adjoint optimisation in external aerodynamics shape optimisation.

Developer: CINECA  |  Application Area: Multiphysics, Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Renewables

Flow modelling like oil and gas flows in long-distance pipelines or refinery distillation columns, liquid cooling of micro-electronic devices, carbon capture and cleaning processes, water treatment plants, blood flows in arteries, and enzyme interactions.

Developers: School of Engineering at The University of Edinburgh and of the School of Mathematical Sciences, University College Dublin  |  Application Area: Parallel sustainability  – Mathematical modelling of complex fluid flows

Wing with three-dimensional wing tip. High fidelity simulation of rotating parts.

Developer: KTH  |  Application Area: Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Renewables  |  Linked  Companies: Scania, Tetra Pak