First Joint CoEs Technical Workshop : 27-29 January 2021

Open to ChEESE, EXCELLERAT, HiDALGO participants

Workshop sessions limited to 35 attendees only (Invited participants from other CoEs may apply to attend).



Session 1 : Load balancing

Session 2: In situ and remote visualisation

Session 3 : Co-Design

Session 4 : GPU Porting

Wednesday 27 January, Afternoon

Thursday 28 January, Morning

Thursday 28 January, Afternoon

Friday 29 January, Morning

14:00-16:45 CET / 13:00-15:45 GMT

10:00-13:15 CET / 09:00-12:15 GMT

14:00-16:35 CET / 13:00-15:35 GMT

10:00-13:15 CET / 09:00-12:15 GMT

Chairperson: Ricard Borrell, BSC

Chairpersons: Lorenzo Zanon & Anna Mack, HLRS

Chairperson: Gavin Pringle, EPCC

Chairpersons: Ivan Spisso & Piero Lanucara, CINECA

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Link to detailed agenda of topic 1

– Load Balancing

Link to detailed agenda of topic 2

– In situ & remote visualisation

Link to detailed agenda of topic 3 – Co-design

Link to detailed agenda of topic 4 : GPU Porting

Speakers: Marta Garcia (BSC) , Ricard Borrell (BSC), Gabriel Staffelbach (CERFACS), Michael Bader, Robert Elsässer (PLUS)

Speakers: Miguel Zavala (KTH), Simone Bna (CINECA), Anna Mack (HLRS), Uwe Wössner (HLRS), Dennis Grieger (HLRS)

Speakers: Gavin Pringle (EPCC), Nick Brown (EPCC), Nikela Papadopoulou (ICCS), Georges-Emmanuel Moulard (ATOS), Ivan Spisso (CINECA)

Speakers: Ivan Spisso (CINECA), Piero Lanucara, Giorgio Amati (CINECA), Simone Bna (CINECA), Marc de la Asuncion (UMA)


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Please feel free to share this invitation with your colleagues from ChEESE, EXCELLERAT and HiDALGO who may be interested in attending!