EXCELLERAT’s Third Virtual All-Hands Meeting

Our project meeting took place from 8 to 9 June 2021. For the third time in a row, it was hosted as a virtual event, given the continuing pandemic situation. Representatives from all partners, a total of more than 30 participants on both days, presented the EXCELLERAT project tasks’ good progress, some challenges they faced in the first half of 2021 and expect for the rest of this project phase, as well as the needs for a continuous evolution and for mastering the final project months (including its extension by three months).

On the first day, the focus was on the communication and dissemination activities undertaken to promote the project and its achievements, business development tasks, the EXCELLERAT services and respectively the updates on the Service Portal and enhanced services, including visualisation, data analytics and management.

On day two of the meeting, the technical experts presented the status of each of EXCELLERAT’s use-cases, as well as the progress with regards to meshing, and emerging technologies. Furthermore, a breakout session was dedicated to visualisation and data analytics. The meeting was closed with a discussion about the future of EXCELLERAT and a wrap-up by Dr. Ralf Schneider.

In summary, this was a very successful and fruitful project meeting with interesting discussions and a valuable exchange between the work packages. It reflected the great progress of EXCELLERAT and a clear roadmap for the next few months.

Gabriel Benois via Unsplash

— Sophia Honisch, HLRS