Name Organization Email Experience and general OpenFOAM Interest
Ning Li NAG We mainly concern the software engineering side of using big scientific packages like OpenFOAM on supercomputers.
Gavin Pringle EPCC, UEDIN Build, profiled and maintained 2.1.0, 2.0.1 and 1.7.1 on HECToR, Cray XE6 32-way nodes, UK’s HPC service (now replaced). I also created a 3-stage benchmarking suite, based on the OpenFOAM tutorials, details here: Further, my PhD is in CFD (vortex methods).
Ivan Spisso CINECA Three years ago we looked into the code (focus on performance). There are still some bottlenecks to scale further than 1000 cores. We have productive use of OpenFOAM on cluster, in academia and industry. We carried out already several OpenFOAM workshops for CFD applications. Big meshes have been used and visualisation services are available at CINECA. We want to enable OpenFOAM for industry. We still see a gap between industrial (ISV) and open source code.

Ivan has the Mont Blanc example with 50 million elements that scaled up to 300 core; there is a white paper about this ( We hav a GUI built up on engine frame (commercial SW), we can handle pre- and post-processing and are able to customize it. We offer remote visualisation (via Paraview remotely).

Andreas Wierse SICOS BW make OpenFOAM accessible as a powerful and cost-efficient simulation software for SMEs  
Sven Hermann SICOS BW bring OpenFOAM experts and novices together and create a benefit for SMEs
Andres Gomez CESGA bring OpenFOAM experts and novices together and create a benefit for SMEs. Tools for pre/post processing OpenFOAM using GUI interfaces including parametric CAD and easy meshing. Multi-physics using OpenFOAM. Benchmarking and recommendation guides for our final users.
J. Miguel Nobrega University of Minho Use OpenFOAM as the base tool to develop numerical solvers for complex multi-physics applications, with a special focus on polymer processing.
Andreas Ruopp HLRS, USTUTT Mainly used OpenFOAM in turbo machinery field (hydro) for design and optimization, and modified solvers. We developed an OpenFOAM course for both beginners and intermediates (5 days) and I maintain all OpenFOAM versions on our supercomputer.
Janik Schüssler SSC-Services Industrial partner within the Excellerat consortium with no special OpenFOAM previous knowledge but high interest in simulation software and projects.
Uwe Wössner HLRS (please enter description here)